TALSARI BEACH- See the end and a new begining

Directions: Take Howrah to Digha bound train and reach Digha there. Tamralipta Express, Paharia Express, Howrah – Digha Super AC Express, Kandari Express are the train accessible from Howrah Station. After that take cab to Talsari. Maximum Fare will be Rs. 700.

Digha-9316_2.jpgWalking in the early morning on Subernarekha River is awesome, if you go to Talsari Beach. It is the ending line of Subernarekha River and the genesis of Bay of Bengal. The best time to visit in the cool days, I went to Talsari from Digha. This beautiful beach is located in Bengal- Odisha border of Baleswar district of Odisha.

It is most surprising to hear the name Talsari or Talasree. The name Talasari is derived from the two words Tala which means Palm and Sari or Sarani is the row. The palm trees surrounding the place give such a name to it. The word Tala also means rhythm, which is reflected in the sea waves lapping against the shore.

This serene beach has vast stretches of casuarina trees, Subernarekha and the clear sky. Talsari has the tall coconut trees, palm trees altogether make for a beautiful sight. The Udaipur beach is the last beach on this stretch of the beach. Chandaneshwar temple is another popular religious site while you pay your visit there.

Subernarekha River is accessible by foot through out the daytime except 11 am to 2 pm. The tides come gradually. I have a walk there. It is really good. When the stream is brimming, it can be reachable with the main beach with the help of a boat. But at other times, one can walk across the dry riverbed. The place is fairly windy. A bike ride there will give a thrill. This beach is not turbulent but tranquil and serene.

You can visit Talsari beach by visiting Digha, Tajpur, Shankarpur, Bakkhali, Fraserganj and Mandarmoni. It can be easy to connect with Digha and the last beach of Odisha. I am bored to get Digha and Mandarmoni. So last year, I visited there and stayed in Panthanibas.

Hotels in Talsari Beach: OTDC Governmental Hotel
Ph.(06781) 232528

P.C: While I visited there, I did not own my camera. So the images are taken from Google

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