If you are in Bengal and you are looking for a calm sea destination then opt for Bakkhali and it’s adjacent areas. Bakkhali is a beautiful place located in the extreme southern part of Bengal. This place is closer to Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project and Lothian Wildlife Sanctuary of Sundarbans Mangrove Forest Regions.

Behold the sound of sea waves, see the blue horizon and windmills of the deltaic region all are the phenomena in Bakkhali for a weekend enjoyment. Bakkhali is easily accessible from Kolkata. It is very near to City of Joy, and you can travel with local train and the express bus. Now Government of West Bengal is preparing an Eco Tourism project with the deltas and the sea side of South 24 Parganas District.

2 hatania Doania RiverJoined with the narrow creeks, once the place got its importance during the early phase of colonial era, but later due to the emergence of Kolkata Port in Kolkata, the islands and the sea port lost its importance.

Bakkhali has the eight kilometres long stretch from Frasergaunj, where you can find the windmills and the Casuarina trees inviting you for a wintry treat. Sir Andrew Fraser, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal is credited with the discovery of the place on behalf of British Government of India. Sir Andrew Fraser tried his best to urbanise this place and in recognition of his efforts a part of the town is named Frasergunj. There is a decaying house near the beach of Frazergaunj, which according to the local villagers was the one in which Fraser used to stay.

1 Bakkhali BeachBakkhali is adorable in sun rise and sun sets. The food kiosks near the calm and quite sea beach of Bakkhali are also attracted by weekenders. While a visit to Frasergaunj, Henry Island, Benfish Hub by the rickshaw gives you a flavour of a short and time taking ride.

3 SandDriving on NH117, via Kulpi, Kakdwip and Diamond Harbour is very enjoyable. Or you can reach Namkhana by local train from Sealdah. You need to cross Hatania Doania River, the paradise of Bengal fishes and crabs by a country boat for Rs 1.

4 Sun set_1The ride in the motorised country boat (now), from Frasergunj fishing harbour to Jambu Dwip out in the sea, can be a thrilling experience. Currently people are not allowed to go to the actual island so the trip includes only sightseeing from the boat. The two-hour ride costs around Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per trip. The country boats can also be hired for other rides.

Stay Here:

Bakkhali Tourist Lodge: 91 32 1022 5260

Hotel Amarabati: 91 3261 9340, 91 33 2210 1822
Hotel Babylon: 91 973278 1970
Ananya Hotel: 9836080770
Hotel Babylon: 973278 1970
Joyguru Abasan: 97 3437 0212
Sahana Tourist Lodge: 98 7459 6275


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