Top 10 Must See Destinations in Kolkata

New in Kolkata? I am now giving now small documentation on Kolkata. This article is about the history and geography of Kolkata. I am guiding you about the top 10 must see destinations in Kolkata which you can enjoy the weekend.

Kolkata earned the nickname “City of Joy”, as this East Indian capital city was flourished from the British era. Once, the village of trade, Kolkata has now earned the popularity for the presence of the colonial architectures, modern gardens, temples of all religions, shopping destinations and the gardens for the relaxation.

Modern Kolkata entices me for the greenery near Kolkata Maidan areas, wetlands in the Eastern Circuit, busy bazaars, tram lines and the beauty of skyline. I think, while you come to Kolkata, surely, these will attract you most.

Here listed the 10 top destinations which are the must visit while you come to Kolkata.

1.jpgMother House, Rippon Street, Near Sealdah Railway Station

It is also known as the Missionaries of Charity. It falls in the category of pilgrimage tour. Established in 1950, Missionaries of Charity has its purpose to serve selflessly to the street residents and uplift the conditions of the poor people. Here you can see a school, a cultural unit and the mortal remains of Mother Teresa.

4.jpg Victoria Memorial Hall, Near Kolkata Maidan

Victoria Memorial is a popular place for rejoice. This is a now a museum portraying the history of Indian civilization and the freedom struggle. Not only that, Victoria Memorial Hall also hosts some popular art and cultural exhibitions throughout the year. With a nominal fee, this white marble cenotaph of Queen Victoria was built in Indo-Saracenic revivalist style. The garden nearby is the best place for the lovers also.


College Street, Near Mahatma Gandhi Metro Station

You may call this as book lover’s zone. College Street is an avenue where there are end numbers of book stall and the publishing companies. This is the base point of wholesale book marketing. University of Calcutta, Presidency University, Calcutta Medical College and Hare School are lined up here. Once you visit College Street, please go to Indian Coffee House for cold coffee, Paramount Sherbets & Syrups and Dilkhush for snacks.


South Park Street Cemetery, Near Quest Mall, Park Circus

Kolkata is proud of South Park Street Cemetery and it will make you feel eerie and dizziness. It is a closed necropolis, now converted into a tourist attraction. This graveyard has many epitaphs and tombs of early British generals who worked for British East India Company. South Park Street Cemetery shows the broken legacy of British domination.


Science City, EM Bypass

Science City exhibits the scientific applications, the geological sciences and the models on anthropology. From my childhood, this amusement cum Science Park shows the gigantic electronic models of Dinosaurs bring the ambiance of that age. With all, Science City is a perfect place for a one-day outing with family.


Prinsep Ghat

An evening walk with your partner, clicking photographs with your favourite DSLR or having jhaal muri and your scoop in “Swirls” —all you can enjoy here in Prinsep Ghat. Located along the ghat side of Ganga River, Prinsep Ghat captures your heart in the evening. Even you can experience a slow boat ride, or you can take a stroll near Gwalior Monument.  It will be an awesome experience.


Tram Museum, Near Esplanade

An innovative imitative by Government of West Bengal and Tram Department to projects the history of Kolkata and the evolution of trams. When the tram transportation system is in the dire situation, Smaranika Tram Museum throws to us with an appeal to resurrect. Inside the museum, there is a cafeteria offers “chit-chat chay-paani menu”.

inn.jpg Indian Museum, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Considered as the 9th oldest museum in the world, Indian museum is popularly known as “Jadu Ghor”. Indian Museum is proud of having an exquisite collection of armor, antiques, ornaments, skeleton, fossils, Egyptian mummies and beautiful Mughal and Rajput paintings.


Kolkata Zoological Garden, Alipur

Alipore Zoo, better known as Kolkata Zoological Garden allure huge amount of people, as it is the abode of a huge amount of flora and fauna. Established during the British era, it is now also a research center for the animal breeding.

103239334.jpg New Town Eco Park, Rajarhat

New Town Eco Park or Prakriti Tirtha is the newest addition in the tourism map of Kolkata. This eco-tourism park is an ideal place for the boisterous people, tranquil lovers, and the charming children. Located very near to Dumdum Airport, this park offers many rides and the amazing sports to the visitors.

Note: Images are taken from Google