Armenian Church

Armenians came to India in 5th Century BC, during the invasion of Alexander the Great. It is believed that Armenians had a trading relation with India from the early period of Indian history. Armenian came in Kolkata in the later phase of 1600. They are first to bring Christianity in India. British East India Company … More Armenian Church

Belur Math

Belur Math is the temple where faith meets with spiritual peace. It is an institution not only to bring the sense of God but also this institution develops the brain how to stand at one’s own feet, how to be independent? Belur Math in Howrah is located on the bank of Ganga River. It is … More Belur Math

Nava Kailasha Temple: A Canvas of Human Traits

108 Shiva Temple of Kalna is a grand example of architectural spirit of colonial modern Bengal. This temple is located in Kalna, just opposite to Pratapeshwar Temple complex of Kalna. 108 Shiva Temple of Kalna was built in the year 1809. These temples are constructed in two circles. The concept of 108 temples was taken … More Nava Kailasha Temple: A Canvas of Human Traits