St John’s Church, Kolkata

St John’s Church is an early British monument of Kolkata, built by Jame Agg on the land donated by by the Raja of Shovabazar Rajbari. The church occupies the vast tract of land with the graves and the war memorials. … More St John’s Church, Kolkata


Metcalfe Hall

Metcalfe Hall has the Greek order architecture and this building acted as the library from 1903, but before it was the hall of conferences during the time of Reformation of Bengal in society. Having close similarity with the ancient buildings of Greece, Metcalfe hall is named after Lord Metcalfe who initiated for the freedom of press in colonial India. … More Metcalfe Hall

Temples around Chetla- Village with a Belief in a City

In the winter morning, if you walk through Tollyganj Lane the fog and mist will not invite you, but you can see the local vendor selling fruits, woman washing the clothes at the filthy Adi Ganga Lane, the hizzy bizzy of market place and what will be most amazing the morning prayers at the 200 … More Temples around Chetla- Village with a Belief in a City


Feeling the silent breeze in Gadiara

Gadiara is a nice place to visit in a weekend. I visited this place in Saturday morning.Gadiara was royal residence to Lord Robert Clive, who built the Fort Mornington. The fort was later abandoned, and it was destroyed in the floods of 1942. Now it is seen when there is ebb tide. Today, Gadiara is … More Feeling the silent breeze in Gadiara


The village of Bose: Subhasgram

A day tour to Shubash gram can easily be done if you want to see the ancestral home of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. I went there thousand times. In my school life, I went there to see a local fair. A visit to Subhasgram is only a day’s task. It is not very far from … More The village of Bose: Subhasgram