Know about Chol Palai

Hello! I am Tuhin Sarkar. I think. I plan. I travel. I write. Life is blessing to me in feeling while I travel the place which I can afford. I save each penny to travel. I mostly like to travel weekends. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are to me the time to travel. I live in a semi nomadic life, I travel from the distinct places from a very early age of 17. But this middle class man, has middle class pockets. I seek adventure. I seek to meet the unknown people. I seek the same blue sky in a new place. I like to see the places, culture and mysteries. Offbeat travel destinations allure me for its mysteries, unknown happenings and many more. This Chol Palai is my diary of all my travels and this diary is now in infancy, but it will give you an inspiration one day to move from your home. Chol Palai is my abode with my experience while I travel.

22 thoughts on “Know about Chol Palai

  1. Very inspiring travel diary, indeed! Thanks for visiting and following my blog – I will be following you too.
    Here in Ontario Canada it is cold and snowy with more snow forecasted for tonight. How is it where you are?


  2. I love your idea of seeking blue skies in other places! Lovely writing. Traveling and adventures are so expanding. I hope you keep it up. May your journey bring you much Goodness.

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  3. Namaste Tuhin. So happy that you dropped by my blog so that I could be introduced to yours! I look forward to following your travel anecdotes and impressions.. and I’m sure your writing will make a particularly useful reference when I travel to India. (Until then, the closest I’ll be is Nepal, where I’m spending time next month!)


  4. Hi Tuhin, Chol Palai translates to – Let’s run away, is it? I am assuming of course. My Bangla isn’t so great. Loved the look of your blog. I’m gonna drop in often. Thanks for following me.


    1. Hi.. Yeah absolutely right. Every time I escape from my office address to find my new ways. That’s why Chol Palai. Thanks for visiting my blog. Its my humble presentation. Please keep in touch.


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