Gopalpur Beach

For a busy nine to six office tripper refreshment is necessary. For this, I some times traveled to Mandarmani or Digha.  These are nearby from my hometown- Kolkata.

But from last few sea beach trips, I was totally frustrated about some of the people who are ethically, culturally backward and they are against the “Swach Bharat Abiyan”. Digha, Mandarmani, Talsari…. All overcrowded in the holiday times or in any weekend. So I decided to go to such a place where the over crowded hustle and bustle are absent. For that I researched on internet and there comes Siali Beach, Bankiput, Ramchandi , Rushikulya, Astarang, Gopalpur………and many more.

So I chose Gopalpur On Sea. I had 2 days leave with one Sunday. I managed the Tatkal tickets (12863/Howrah – Yesvantpur SF Express) and no reservation for returning.

18th March. Saturday: Evening at 8: 30. The train left Howrah for Berhampur. The train is apt in time. The comfortable train journey and the Bengali food (luchi and alur dom) doubled my joy.  It is a very busy train. Most of the people usually go to Chennai or Vellore. So it is advisable to book an AC Coach.


19th March, Sunday:  At 4 am, my eyes are opened to see the scenery. But I found not a single scenic beauty to capture. But at 5: 30, when the train was dissecting Rambha, Chilka and Balugaon, I saw the majestic beauty of sunrise and Chilka Lake. At 6: 30 am, the train stopped at Berhampur. It looked beautiful, when I saw the city in golden lights. Very clean, neat and well planned. Berhampur or Brahmapur is under the jurisdiction of Ganjam District of Odisha. It is known as “Silk City”. Brahmapur is famous for its silk saris, Jagannatha temples and unique culture with a mixture of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The connectivity is very good. Small Star buses are plying for Gopalpur Beach. But I opted for an Auto ride. It took 200 INR for a 45-50minutes journey from the Brahmapur Railway Station to Gopalpur Beach.

For accommodation, I chose Rohini Rest House. It is an average hotel with best foods of Odissi and Bengali cuisine. The owner of Rohini Rest House is Rohini Athin and welcome by Batha Athin, (her husband). The rooms are comfortable and cosy, costs 600 INR (Ph: 977-61-82079). The behaviour of the hotel owner and his family is very good and they guided me how to go to Chilka and other attractions. But I decided to rest there.

Evening on the sea beach with some smoked chicken (10 INR), phuchka (20 INR for 10), Alu bhonda (10 INR for 3) is an awesome experience. I sat there till 9pm. The experience at night is best. But make me annoyed that there located a ruined port or ware house made by British Government in Odisha (Orissa), which is now converted into a toilet khana. The sound of the sea made a resonance. The moonlight and the lighthouse lured me to stay more. The silence was an attraction to me. In the night, only light house was busy to direct the passer ships. At midnight, the revolving light of the lighthouse almost looked similar with a moving full moon.

Brahmapur Station

20th March, Monday: It was the last day. Morning at 5, I woke up and gazed near the sea beach. The life near the sea is still lingered in my mind. The sea catcher, solitary boat, dried fishes, dead star fish and the newspaper vendor all made a me busy to stare. Photowalk made in the morning, where the lost markets and the unique styled houses attracted me. Then had a lunch at hotel. Mr. Batha Athin shared his childhood memories with me. His grandfather was an Army Personnel of British Era. They are originally from Myanmnar (Bruma). They came to India and settled at Port Blair. For occupation Batha’s father came to Odisha and bought a house in Gopalpur. Now this house acts as a homestay and Batha Athin has a hotel here.

Same day. Evening. I packed for my return journey. I bought the ticket for non reservation coach…………………………

It makes me more tired, strained, and wretched. I will not share that experience.

British Ware House now turned into public toilet

21st March, Tuesday : At 6: 30am I reached at Howrah Station and I was so tired that I didn’t wait for an AC bus. Cab. Home. Sleep. Sleeeeeeeep…………….


Take a train for Howrah- Chennai Line. Or take a bus from Esplanade to Bhubaneshwar. Or else a take a flight to Bhubaneshwar Airport.

Best Trains:

Howrah – Yesvantpur SF Express

Kamakhya – Bengaluru Cantt. Humsafar Express (Weekly)

Coromandel Express (PT)

Howrah – Chennai Mail (PT)

18047/Amaravati Express (PT)

Where to stay

Rohini Guest House: 9776182079

OTDC Panthanivas :

Swosti Palm Resort: 093380 15588

Fishes from local market
Boats waiting to sail
Camel Ride Amusement
Light house Maintaining​ Office
A Sweet Home

House of a Bengali poet (As told by Mr.Athin)
Sea beach life





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