Frasergaunj- Silent Sea in #Beautifulbengal

Need a sun kissed sea beach in the winter? Need to hangout in the midst of nature and sea? Go Frasergaunj. It is in ruins. Earlier the port city of early British phase, Frasergaunj has now only the sea beaches and the house of Fraser. 8 Kilometers from Frasergaunj is Bakkhali. I went there this winter soak under the sun.

On the way to Bakkhali from Frasergaunj

It is a silent sea shore, a three-hour drive or three and half hours train journey away from Kolkata. Fraserganj, in South 24-Parganas District, is the perfect weekend getaway, especially if you enjoy getting behind the wheel or your lobe evening walk with the soundless sea. Jambudwip and Henry Island are easy accessible from Bakkhali and Frasergaunj. En route to Bakkhali, Frasergaunj will appeal for its history and the windmills.

Frasergaunj is swept by the Bay of Bengal: it offers peace and romance in its wind-swept canopy of casuarinas. Like Mandarmani and New Digha Sea Beach, here you can find red crabs dotting with the silver-white sand, scampering away from approaching footsteps.

This solitary sea shore and the village in South 24 Parganas which is only accessible by crossing Hatani- Doania River got its name from Andrew Fraser, a Lieutenant-Governor of early Bengal in the early 20th century. Local history says that the British General Andrew Fraser was shipwrecked in the vicinity and was later rescued by a local lass called Narayani. Later he fell in love. Now while you go to Bakkhali or Frasergaunj, you can see Narayanitala.

Fraserganj is 25km away from the jetty ghat of Hatania Doania. The beach of Frasergaunj lies parallel to the road. You need to take a short walk along a cemented road next to a Banbibi temple and small sanctuary cum breeding area of deer and crocodile. You can visit this place at Rs 10 .The approach is marked by windmills.

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16 thoughts on “Frasergaunj- Silent Sea in #Beautifulbengal

      1. Good. I live in the state of Iowa in the center of the U.S. Our state makes over 30% of our electricity from wind turbines. It is a great free resource.

        Thank you for all your visits. Come back often.


      2. Excellent!

        My son has spent some time in India first to visit a girl friend, then in connection with a university class. I’ve never been there. Perhaps one day.


      3. It is a terrible collapse of an under construction 2 km-long flyover killing at least 20 people and injuring nearly 100. Thanks to God that I have no family and friends affected in this situation. My hearty condolence to the people who are killed and injured.


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