Delightful Digha

A beautiful rocky and sandy sea coast will give you a treat to your eyes if you visit Digha. Digha is a place where every Bangalee goes for weekend. Professionals and nature lovers every time are engaged in hunting a new way to travel. But Digha is place where every one is explored generations after generation.


Digha is the only place in West Bengal, where the first eco tourism project was taken by the Government of Bengal Hardly any one knows John Frank Snaith was the first person in the whole world, who realizes that this place will be tourist’s abode in Bengal. He started living there from 1923 and later in independent India, he requested Dr. Bidhanchandra Roy to design this place as a unique beach resort in West Bengal. While Fraser established his common settlement in Frasergaunj now at Bakkhali, John Frank Snaith fifty years after, have a plan to design Digha as the beach resort.


While I am walking on the shores I am remembering the old days of my childhood, when I walked on the same rocky shore with my mother. That time, there was no rush in the hotels and guest houses. But now, the modernisation began, new chain of hotels and guest houses came like agarics. It looks pretty like a Litte Kolkata with a sea.

This popular seaside destination of East Midnapore District in West Bengal was named one day as Beercool. It was noted in the diary of John Frank Snaith. In Birkul there, was a early British Health Sanatorium and British saw it as an amazing place for adventure, hunting and sun bathing. Warren Hastings liked this palce, now this place is a domestic tourist attraction of Bengalees. It was nicknamed as “Brighton of the East”.


Getting to Digha by train or bus or by your own car is easy. Now Digha is divided into two parts- Old Digha and New Digha. Old Digha is rocky while you can get sands in New Digha. It is about 2 km from the old beach.

I planned to go Digha early in July. The time of arrival of monsoon there, but the rains are far away. I stayed there 4 days.

Day 1: Reached Digha at 10:30am. Checked in a low budget hotel. Resting for some time and then to Old Digha Beach. Planning to go to the places of attractions by hiring a cab. Had an evening walk in New Digha. Fooding at local seaside stall.

Day 2: Early morning at 5. Went to see the sun rise in the rocky beach at Old Digha. Then hired a car to have local sightseeing. Amaravati Snake Park, New Digha, Udaypur Sea Beach, Tajpur, Science City, Mandarmani, Chandaneshwar temple, Balasore, Subernarekha Rievrside and Shankarpur. Day’s End.

Day 3: Prepared to go home. Reached Howrah Station at 1:30pm.

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