Feeling the silent breeze in Gadiara

Gadiara is a nice place to visit in a weekend. I visited this place in Saturday morning.Gadiara was royal residence to Lord Robert Clive, who built the Fort Mornington. The fort was later abandoned, and it was destroyed in the floods of 1942. Now it is seen when there is ebb tide.

Today, Gadiara is a resting place to squander a indolent day. Gadiara is place, where there is you can find the pollution free banks of the Damodar, the Rupnarayan and the Hoogli rivers. Here, Ganges is very wide here, giving the impression of a mini sea side.

1The sunrise and sunset are picturesque from the banks of Gadiara, Geonkhali and Nurpur. It is a favourite place of all tourists, who are planning for a simple weekend tour for picnics or a romantic destination. Taking a long walk in the silent afternoon along the shores, and feel unblemished nature, marred perhaps only by the local population.

Gadiara is barely 90 kilometers away from Kolkata by train from Howrah Station. Gadiara is famous for its confluence of two rivers – Damodar and Rupnarayan. This small town in the Howrah district in West Bengal also happens to be popular tourist spot in winter and spring times.

Gadiara has an interesting history to narrate. During the early 18th century, when the rule of British East Indian Company in India had already gained strong ground, Gadiara was notorious for river pirates who often looted and plundered the surrounding regions. So, in order to guard the entrance the British General Lord Robert Clive built a fort, popularly known as the Fort Mornington. Today the structure of Fort Mornington is in ruins after a devastating flood that raged the area way back in 1942.

3If you need a calm and serene atmosphere, Gadiara is a nice place to visit. I feel so with Gadiara is an appropriate weekend destination if you are looking towards to spend some soothing time with your near ones. If your idea is to spend an idle weekend just by staring at boats crossing the vast expanse of an estuary or getting lost into your thoughts during the setting sun by the river – then Gadiara is a must visit in your journey list of this year. Currently, Gadiara is developed by the West Bengal State Government by forming lodges and inns. Gadiara today has emerged as one of the leading tourist destinations around Kolkata.

You can enjoy things like, gorging on real good and fresh Bengali cuisine at Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge, especially fresh, river water fish; village walks and of course a river cruise to Geonkhali and Nurpur. From Geonkhali, you can visit the Mahishadal Rajbari in Haldia and from Nurpur, you can visit another tourist attraction, Diamond Harbour. The boatman will charge you Rs. 200 to 400, while a jetty will take you for Rs. 10.

IMG_0712Garchumuk and Geonkhali are two close holiday-maker destinations from Gadiara, Howrah. Garchumuk and Geonkhali can be covered by road while you can opt for a ferry ride for the latter. There you can see 58 lock gates also. And if you need to reach Gadiara directly, there you need to go by train or bus from Kolkata to Bagnan. Then by auto rickshaw or a cab, Gadiara will your next door step. For a traveller, Gadiara will definitely offer you the best of experience.

Nurpur lies on the opposite bank of Gadiara, and if you are taking a bus from Kolkata to reach Gadiara, always take buses to Nurpur, and cross the river on ferry, it will save you hours of time. Nurpur had once been the den of pirates. Now it has a light house and a missionary’s orphanage where palm trees abound. The river here will be dotted with launches, ferries, with an occasional ship passing by. It is a nice scene to enjoy.

Ever since Gadiara has become crowded and have commercialized, while on the contrary, Geonkhali has taken a special place in traveller’s hearts now a days. It seems like a painting on a canvas, with Ganges doing the honours.

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