Monchasa is a place for weekend vacation. Planning to go there in June- July is ideal for a romantic couple.

Monchasa is located on the banks of Bagda River in the remote village of Paushi, in East Midnapur district or Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. Once it was a village near Mandarmani Sea Beach, but it is a project of eco-tourism which is very near to Kolkata.

Exploring this location near Kolkata is enjoyable for some wonderful view of deltaic region and the Bagda River. The Shalmoli Bithi is vista attracts everyone and it is proper place to pass the “me” time there. This Shamoli Bithi is the plantation area of the eco tourism project that offers a real visual treat of rural element. Evergreen tress, sun shades, azure sky and gentle breeze is great there.

You will discover wide species of fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices. You will also found many medicinal plants like Ram Tulsi, Bon Tulsi , Krishna Tulsi (Holy Basil), Aamlaki (Goose Berry), Boyar (Baheda), Hartuki (Haritaki) and Neem trees.

Ishani and Naitri is a huge water tank or veeri, you can call, is the proper place for fish breeding. The large numbers of fish including Rui, Katla, Mrigel, Kalbous, Carp, Telapia, Puti, Mourala fishes are bred completely naturally.

The Sahajiya cultural center is a hogla thatched spherical earth court beautified with green grass. The guests need to sit on the ground over hand crafted Madur. Nabya Nakshi is the handicraft center in Monchasa promoted by this project of eco-tourism.

Bahari Temple near Monchasa dates back to the medieval ages of rural Bengal and is just a few kilometers from Monchasa. The historically significant town of Tamluk boasting of a thousand year old Devi Barghobhima Temple, a Zamindari Palace, a museum and Rakhit Bati and Mandarmani Sea Beach.

Reach Contai, by train or by roadways, boarding train from Howrah Station and the buses from Esplanade. There you can find Kalinagar Bus Stop. You can also avail the trekker service from Kalinagar Bus Stop to Paushi.

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