Mandarmani Sea Beach is quite different from other sea beaches of West Bengal like Digha, Junput, Bankiput, Bakkhali and Frazergaunj. This is totally 3. 5 to 4 hours ride from Kolkata.

This sea beach is calm, serene and the Bay of Bengal here is quite cool. So the concentrations of many private resorts and hotels are many. With all, Mandarmani becomes one of the luxurious sea beaches in Bengal.

Trip to Digha or Mandarmani will be a perfect one for a general weekender. Mandarmani also offers many rides for you like paragliding, banana boat ride, water biking and the sailing of 5 to 8 kilometers from the shore.

The cool brFB_IMG_1470028877171eeze, the sounds of sands and the sand sculptures by red crabs are the addition for you. Toui can also see the dried fish farm here. Shankarpur, Talsari, Bankiput are the near beaches. You can sit idle on the sea beach with tender-coconut water with your loved ones or you can explore the near beaches and the temples of Balasore District of Odisha.

This beach was named originally “Mandarboni”, with time it came to be known as Mandarmani. Mandarmani is now a seashore resort village lies in East Midnapore district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. And it can be travelled easily by train from Howrah Station or by road via Kona Expressway. It is one of the large and fast developing seaside resort village of West Bengal.

The nearest train station to reach there is Contai and the nearest airport is at Kolkata (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Dumdum).

By road, take Vidyasagar Setu with Kona Expressway. After driving a while turn left to Mumbai Road. Drive till reach Kolaghat, and turn left toward Digha. 2 km before reaching Contai Town you will reach Contai Bypass Road, a shortcut that will again drop you on the Kolkata-Digha road. Drive another 10 km to reach Chawalkhola. Take a left turn from Chawalkhola and follow the village road till it ends at a sea-side village called Dadanpatrabar, around 8 km. From Dadanpatrabar, take a right turn along a narrow road that runs for another 2-3 km. At the end of this road, you can either drive straight along the sand or take a right turn again through a narrow village road to reach Mandarmani. The hotel arena begins with Bombay Beach Resort (9874155085). I stayed there for one day. Inside the resort, there is space and reach you to the beach.

At the end of the Mandarmani beach, there is the ‘mohana’ or river delta (place where a river meets the sea). There are some fishing settlements nearby. Mandarmani is about 5-6 km from the main part of the beach where most of the hotels or resorts are located and is beautiful with a scenic backdrop. On one side of the sea beach, there are dense jhau trees, while on the other side is the fishing village. A bit further from the village of Mandarmani on the other bank of the sea is some dense vegetation of deciduous tress. It is not realistic to attempt to cross over to the other side and go into this forest as it is actually quite distant, despite appearing to be quite close.

You can observe the fishermen standing or wading through knee deep water laying their nets or catching fish and crabs. The red crabs are visible over a large stretch of the beach near the “Mohana” or the delta region.

Hotels Nearby:

Bombay Beach Resort: 098741 55085

Candlewood Park Beach Resort & Spa: 033 6900 0999

Hotel Sonar Bangla : 098003 40270

United-21 Beach View: 084200 40480

Aqua Marina Drive Inn : 096742 10437

Victoria Beach Resort: 084200 47201

Digante Resorts: 090076 03406

Liv Sea Valley: 096355 93593

The Sana Beach: 098314 73785

Hotel Mainak: 097325 51772

ADB Kanvas: 090519 35666

Eco Villa Resort: 9635321859

Belabhumi: 8274973001



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