Kurumbera Fort

If you are history freak, then you must go to Kurumbera Fort. This fort is located situated in Gaganeshwar village, southeast of Keshiari region. You need to travel Kurumbera by traveling train or by roadways. To reach Kurumbera fort, you need to take NH 60 or take a train reaching Belda Railway Station and take a bus for Keshiari. There Kurumbera fort is located. Now it is under the maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India.

Kurumbera Fort has small quarters and temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddess. It is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. Kurumbera Fort is situated in a village named Gaganeshwar, not serviced by any buses.

Kurumbera Fort is gigantic courtyard ringed by pillared corridor and in the middle there are three spherical domes. There is also some kind of an altar in the middle. The village where this located is called Gaganeshwar.

Kurumbera Fort was built in the year 1438-1469. The establishment of Kurumbera Fort was written in Oriya inscriptions during the rule of Surya Vamsi king of Orissa Gajapati Kapilendra Dev. The structures were built during the rule of Aurangazeb. There is also an inscription made by Mohammed Tahir. Despite, it is being a protected monument, under the Archaeological Survey of India.

The folk legends believe that Kurumbera Fort was built in a single night, when Ram, Sita visited the place, during their fourteen years of forest living, as described in Ramayana.

Kurumbera Fort contains a three domed structure over a platform, along with a sacrificial altar. The most parts of Kurumbera Fort and its structures are in ruins.

The pillars of Kurumbera Fort hold roofing which is shaped as a flower. The usage of Kurumbera Fort is a circular pillar to the rear of the left-dome seems interesting to the history lovers.

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