Kalna: Village of Religious Beauty in Bardhaman

A sojourn to Kalna is simply a treat to eyes, where terracotta art mirrors the medieval Bengal. The terracotta art in Pratapeshwar temple of Kalna is the bliss if medieval Bengal art. Kalna visit will give you knowledge of religious beauty. In the midst of religious beauty, you can feel the gentle breeze while you come to Kalna Ghat and Bhaba Pagla Temple. This place eye witnessed the foot steps of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

DSCN1026.JPGKalna is a religious town, a municipality and headquarters of Kalna subdivision in Bardhaman District in West Bengal. Kalna is situated on the western bank of the Bhagirathi River.

Ambika Kalna is named after a very popular goddess Mata Ambika. Kalna has abundant historical monuments of medieval and modern times such as the Bardhaman Rajbati and the 108 Shiva temples. Bardhaman Rajbati is near to Burdwan Railway Station.The temples of Kalna not only bear the terracotta art, but in this terracotta art, which is one of the pride of Eastern India especially Bengal (now divided West Bengal) in the districts of Bankura and Bishnupur areas, carries the social, political and economic way of life of medieval Bengal and late medieval Bengal. You can see the important artwork in the pillars of the temple of Pratapeshwar. While, the pre modern temple 108 Shiva temple of Kalna shows the structural designs only devoid of miniature and acute art work.

DSCN1076Medieval Kalna reached its summit of architectural, cultural and sculptural magnificence during the late 18th century under the patronage of the Maharajas of Bardhaman. This royal lineage built numerous bravura terracotta ornamentation temples. The maritime trade of undivided medieval and late medieval Bengal has long stopped and Kalna has lost the status of a flourishing port city, but the temples are still there reminding one of glorious past of Kalna.

IMG_0458The Rajbari complex in Kalna has the maximum concentration of temples. On the other, you see the Rassh Mancha and the congregation of many temples in Partapeshwar temple complex. Just opposite to Pratapeshwar Temple, lies 108 Shiva Temples. But this temple has mathematical significance. If you imagine the aerial view of this temple, it will form circular version like a clock. And the Shiva residing in these temples are signifies the 24 hours time of a day. Other temple includes Nabakali temple, which shows “aath chala” arranged in two concentric circles separated by a well-maintained lawn with beautiful flowerbeds. Lalaji Mandir and Krishnachandra Mandir are two temples also will be your viewing choice.

1 108 Shiva TempleKalna is linked with roadways and railways also. The trains from Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata Railway Station are linked with Burdwan Railway Station. The bus services and private vechiles are easily and frequent available for Krishnanagar, Shantipur, Phulia and Ranaghat from Kalna Ghat bus stand on the bank of Bhagirathi River. For more photos click here.

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