Diamond Harbour- A Walk To Remember

A walk in the evening made me relax. In the autumnal evening the gentle breeze near the Ganges enthralls me on late Sundays. It is a serene place where joggers and lovers can rejoice in the morning and evening. A local fish market is there attracts the fish foodies most, as these fishes are selling at cheaper rates than Kolkata Fish Markets. The local fish market opens only on 4am and 3 pm.

Reaching Diamond harbour is easy for any Kolkatans. Get a South bound local train and reach Diamond Harbour Railway Station by having a local cycle van.

Diamond Harbour is a small coastal of 33,000 in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. It is about one and half hours to reach Diamond Harbour. The sunset on the banks of River Hooghly made me nostalgic.

There is a ruined fort here, alleged to date back to Portuguese pirates in the early era of colonial period.

Diamond Harbour has the old name Hajipur, now considered as the semi developed place in South Bengal.

There is another fort called Fort of Chingrikhali, which was built by the British East India Company during the rule of Jahangir in the Mughal era.

The British trader built this fort by taking help from the Armenians. They built this fort because Hajipur is gateway to enter the villages Kalikata, Sutanati and Govindapur. The British and French East India Companies came as traders, were allowed to settle or build forts at many places on the banks of the River Ganga as it was the main route via Bay of Bengal.

Since time immemorial, this place is widely regarded as the weekend destination of Bengal, as Bakkhali, Frazergaunj, Henry Island, Piyali Island are nearby tourist destinations. Chingrikhali Fort (Purano Kella), Raichak, Lighthouse, South Bengal Museum at Noongola nearby Diamond Harbour Girls’ High School, Nagendra Bazar, Swiss Gate, Nurpur are the tourist destinations of Diamond Harbour.

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